Digital Skills

Digital Skills Action Plan in Greater Manchester

Delighted to learn of GMCA’s commitment to a £2million investment in the Greater Manchester Digital Skills agenda, supported by industry. Welcome the opportunity for the MJI team to encourage participation at every level

We have been developing our thinking for a while on how the technology industry might work more effectively with the education sector, the LEP network and other interested parties.

In truth there are no shortage of initiatives, especially at a National level. The issue for major technology providers is how to deliver increased capability and capacity at a more local level. The issue is not a shortage of local initiatives either. The challenge for major technology companies such as Microsoft is how to build programmes that can support access to global resources whilst meeting local needs and supporting local providers

The answer no doubt lies in a mixed economy, continued support of major private sector training providers, greater use of the College network and much more effective reach into individual schools.  We said MJI liked a challenge.

For those in our network who enjoy an evidence based approach a link to the recently commissioned Government report on  the Digital Skills Qualifications landscape is below

We believe we have identified the key partners who will work with us at a LEP/County level to create a template that will drive increased participation in the Digital Skills agenda. We will communicate, update, crowd source ideas for transforming participation in acquiring digital skills. Watch this space!