If you follow and take part in Digital Leaders you already agree that Digital Transformation is essential for the future of the UK economy and especially crucial outside of a changed relationship with our European neighbours, and in the context of a changing trading relationship with the rest of the world.

Digital Leaders Week is here to enable the leaders of today to become the leaders for a new Digital Industrial Age. This week will raise awareness of the opportunities in place to support leadership and to support transformation across the UK by leveraging innovation, skills and experience from across the tech sector, and from across the country, with a particular focus on our 11 DL Local regions outside of London.

Over 40 events in our inaugural year across Britain will offer leaders access to best practice, allow them to build stronger networks and provide a better understanding of the need to adopt new thinking and embrace innovation.

Hear first-hand the stories that will inspire digital change through people, outcomes and personal accountability. After all #LeadershipMatters!