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Define your own coaching goals, select the most effective coach and connect online when and however it suits you.

MJI is now testing an International Meeting Place for Coaches and Clients and will launch it towards the end of this year.

This concept has evolved through MJI’s natural interest in providing structured support to individuals and teams across all sectors. We have been involved through other organisations in the creation of many new public bodies in the UK. These include the creation of the Ministry of Justice and The Commission for Equality and Human Rights.

MJI Questions why do organisations, populated by highly talented and motivated individuals, often fail to fulfil their expected potential?


As individuals we have always gone the extra mile and supported new appointments for several months. Not good enough!

We now recognise that appointing highly talented individuals is not enough. We need to support the teams within organisations, especially the top team.

We must provide constructive challenge and a range of tools that the organisation and individual leaders can use to improve outcomes.

Our own experiences are complemented by working with a small number of equally experienced individuals in UK, Europe and North America.

We support our interventions using a quantitative methodology that can measure the impact of our intervention over several months, courtesy of our Partner, Team Coaching International.

We focus deliberately on Productivity and Positivity – the two vital components of a successful organisation.