MJI’s core consultancy team has strong links across UK Government and public service providers. We are able to provide invaluable insight into policy development and implementation, and how that translates into challenge or opportunity for public, private and third sector organisations.

Additionally, we support our clients in unravelling the complex infrastructure across the public, private and third sectors that delivers public services and spends our hard earned taxes on our behalf. MJI can also map the power, money and the organisations that work on our behalf.

Furthermore, MJI can facilitate improved understanding, collaboration or help to share good practice.

We help teams within and across organisations to become more productive and more positive to reach their goals.

MJI has supported numerous technology, professional services and consumer goods companies to develop Growth strategies in the context of changing economic conditions and Government policy. MJI brings particular expertise where companies have complex stakeholder relationships to manage which require a deep appreciation of reputation management, corporate affairs as well as established brand and marketing management disciplines.