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MJI Business Solutions - Meet the Team - MJI Business Solutions

About MJI

Our Directors


Melvyn Ingleson


Our CEO, Melvyn Ingleson, is particularly well known in Scotland, where he has lived for the last twenty years, building up an exceptional knowledge of the changing political landscape post devolution. He is still responsible for the day to day development of the firm, having founded MJI almost 20 years ago, and has a particular interest in maintaining relationships with all of the mainstream political parties in the UK and devolved Regions.

  • Facilitation 96% 96%
  • Public Affairs 92% 92%
  • Public Policy 97% 97%

Andrew Kilburn


Andrew has worked in a variety of policy development and managerial positions and was appointed as Chief Executive of Redcar and Cleveland in 1995. He subsequently held the same position in Oldham MBC and the London Borough of Waltham Forest. In 2008, Andrew was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Huddersfield University. Since his retirement he has pursued his particular interests in community cohesion, regeneration and coaching.

  • Local Government 98% 98%
  • Policy Development 88% 88%
  • Coaching 92% 92%

Hamish Davidson


Our Chairman, Hamish Davidson, is a very well known figure in the Public and Third Sector. He is probably one of the best known recruiters of senior individuals into those sectors and from private to public. In addition, he is responsible for developing the external perception of MJI with UK and devolved Government at Ministerial and senior official level, and ensuring that all those associated with MJI contribute to the overall debate around provision of public services.

  • Recruitment 94% 94%
  • Business Development 86% 86%
  • Strategic Planning 88% 88%
business solutions

Paul Collins

Finance Director

Paul Collins, has enjoyed a long and successful career, holding senior finance and asset management roles in both public and private sector. He combines his role at MJI with a major commitment to Ocean Youth Trust Scotland Ltd which provides development opportunities for young people on board four very impressive sailing ships. Paul has extensive experience in financial and general management in the Private sector, Public sector and Voluntary Sector.

  • Financial Management 92% 92%
  • Asset Management 87% 87%
  • Youth Development 81% 81%

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Our Associates

  • Consultancy 93% 93%
  • Mentoring 90% 90%
  • Public Policy 84% 84%

John Tizard

John Tizard is a strategic advisor and commentator on public policy, governance and public services. He works with organisations from the public – particularly local government, business, voluntary, community and trade union sectors as well as think tanks and academic institutions. He mentors leaders across the sectors.

His approach is based on collaborating and challenging for excellence; and he is driven by his values base in the pursuit of social justice, fairness, equitable access to excellent public services and accountability.

John was a senior executive at the Capita Group plc and before that Scope as well as having been a county councillor and joint council leader for over eight years. He founded and led a research and practice centre at Birmingham University before developing his present portfolio career.

He is currently a trustee and chair of several charities including Action Space and Tomorrow’s People and a non-executive director of some small socially focused businesses including b-side and Collective Impact Capital. He is a member of several advisory boards and an associate of several consultancies, businesses and academic bodies including the Centre for Public Scrutiny and Global Governance Partners in addition to MJI Business Solutions

His portfolio enables him to draw directly on his own personal experience of political leadership in local government and trustee/non- executive and senior executive leadership roles in the public, voluntary and community, business and academic sectors to support change and improvement.

More at www.johntizard.com

  • Change Management 99% 99%
  • Performance Management 92% 92%
  • Public Finance 93% 93%

William “Bill” Howat

As well as a career that includes experience as an academic, civil servant, Chief Executive of an all purpose council, chair of a national voluntary body, and consultancy, Bill has in-depth knowledge of the theories and practice of public finance; considerable experience of European matters; and has been deeply involved in the development of Best Value in Scotland.

Bill also has extensive experience of change management. Moreover, Bill has a very effective consensual approach to leadership forged in his spell as chair of the seven European Funding Monitoring Committees in Scotland. Since retiring, his work for Solace has included mentoring a chief executive, carrying out a survey of Scottish council chief executives, and advising a professional body on the 07 Spending Review. He was also an independent adviser on Reform of Local Government in NI, led a team of independent experts that reviewed the budget performance of the Scottish Executive, Choices for a Purpose, aka the Howat Review and chairs Volunteer Development Scotland.

Furthermore, Bill has also advised a Scottish Council on its economic development function, and was interim Director for Strategy & Performance at the Scottish Police Services Agency for 3 months.

  • Government 96% 96%
  • Public Policy 94% 94%
  • Industry 86% 86%

Phil Woolas

Phil Woolas is a British political consultant. Phil came to public attention as President of the United Kingdom National Union of Students in 1984.

In 1997, Phil was elected as Labour MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, a marginal three way constituency in Greater Manchester. He joined the Tony Blair Government in 1999 as Parliamentary aide. Following the election in 2001, Phil became a Government Whip and as a senior Whip to John Prescott and Robin Cook, he became a central part of the Blair Government. He was promoted as Minister of State for Local Government in 2005.

Phil left Government in May 2010 and in 2011 subsequently founded the political consultancy, Wellington Street Partners Ltd. The company provides analysis, statute and political advice, customer introductions and, through its association with investment bank, NSBO Ltd, access to investment financing. Phil has extensive experience of industry, public policy, domestic and international politics, the media, Government and Parliament and communications.

  • Social Media 94% 94%
  • Consultation 91% 91%
  • Training 87% 87%

Maxine Moar

A key figure in building local and national Community Cohesion polices for over 13 years, Maxine Moar rose to prominence during and after the riots in Oldham and other northern cities and towns in 2001.

Maxine has 20 years of youth and community development work experience with local community, voluntary agencies, Greater Manchester Police and Local Authorities.

As well as being a community practitioner she is also a national policy maker. She has extensive frontline experience at the hardest and sharpest cutting edge of deprived communities including ethnic, racial and cultural segregation. Combined with extensive policy knowledge and contacts at the national level, this has given her a unique insight and role in this highly controversial policy area.

As Director at Moar Communities, her work in developing the highly successful Neighbourhood Agreements as part of the New Deal for Communities programme has given her a proven track record in policies which reduce crime, improve the quality of neighbourhoods and enhance community cohesion.

  • Public Sector 97% 97%
  • Third Sector 93% 93%
  • Accountancy 92% 92%

Alex Stobart

Alex has lived in Scotland for over twenty years.  He has held senior roles in both private sector and Government.  He qualified as a chartered accountant, building sector expertise in technology and the food and drink industry before joining the then Scottish Executive. He performed in a number of senior civil service roles, contributing both to effective financial management practices in Government and to public service transformation

He moved away from his role in Government to develop a portfolio of interests across public and third sector. He is a trustee or director in several charities with a particular interest in the development of the social enterprise or community interest business models.

He has developed a passion for the development of person centric public services. Services that, making full use of technology, can offer a more personalized interface between the service user and provider. He is a strong advocate too for using technology to drive real citizen engagement, to give individual citizens a real say in both local and national decision making, especially in the challenging field of health and social care.

  • Public Sector 94% 94%
  • Networking 81% 81%
  • Culture Change 90% 90%

Steve McGuirk

Steve is currently the Chairman of Warrington and Halton Hospitals Foundation Trust, having just completed a thirty-nine-year career as a Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive most recently of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to 2015.

Steve continues to be active at a national level, supporting improved partnership working, supporting transformation and culture change.  He recently chaired an Expert Panel created as part of an Independent Review of the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and Fire Authority.  Steve is also an Honorary Fellow at Liverpool Hope University and Edge Hill University.  He has served as a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Greater Manchester since 2011.

Steve continues to live locally, and is very well networked across Greater Manchester and more widely in public sector.

  • Human Resources 98% 98%
  • Apprenticeships 92% 92%
  • Executive Coaching 87% 87%

John Evans

John brings over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in both the private and public sector working in organisations such as British Airways, Diageo, RBS, FirstGroup, a major police force and most recently as CEO of a National College, John commenced his career in marketing before moving into HR and is regarded as one of the most commercially orientated HR leaders in the UK.

John is passionate about the skills agenda and has played a key role in the development of apprentice and employability programmes in a number of sectors.  He has also chaired national groups for a sector skills council and been involved in a variety of national working groups and delivery projects.

John holds an MBA from Edinburgh University, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and an accredited executive coach as well as holding several post-graduate and graduate level qualifications.

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