Our Experience

MJI has been around over 25 years and is a niche consultancy with deep knowledge and insight, focused on driving an effective interface between Public and Private Sector.

We know how to grow your Public Sector business, we know how to help Public Sector leaders get more from private sector relationships.

The core team work with a very experienced pool of Associates, some of whom we have described here.

We reach out also to a great many hugely experienced former Government and Public Sector leaders on behalf of our private sector clients as well as maintaining strong networks with current Ministers and public leadership.

We all have a passion for getting more out of public private sector relationships at any level, finding a common agenda and language.

The exact nature of our support, whether Advice Only, or Advice & Execution, is very specific to the brief but is usually a mix of some of the services described.

We can provide confidential references when appropriate.

How do we make a difference for both Private and Public Sector?

Private Sector

We help our clients grow their business in Government & Public Sector

We help our clients develop and shape Solutions that deliver better public services for everyone

We position our clients at the top tables of decision making and influencing

Public Sector

We help elected members and senior officers understand the modus operandi of potential private sector partners


We identify private sector sponsors who can support policy development and debate


We can help to identify senior private sector management who can support public sector transformation

We have worked with a number of leading professional services firms, technology firms, outsourcing firms, Government Departments, both UK and Devolved Governments. Our core team has a particularly deep knowledge of the changing landscape in Scotland. We have worked with major local authorities, Health Boards and other agencies across Economic Development, Skills, Education, Environment. We maintain links with major publications and think tanks focused on Public Sector policy and service delivery.

Above all we are truly passionate about the difference we know we make for our clients. Even more important when we bring public and private sector together and develop a shared agenda that meets the requirements of both we can all help to improve the lives and life chances of citizens.

We would love to talk to your organisation, work with you to understand your requirements. Contact us now for a Confidential Discussion