Parliamentary Briefing

Our approach is very different to lobbying firms.


We build relationships at every level based on trust and authenticity, with access to policy makers based only on genuine interest in co-development of policy or service improvement. Our strength and influencing capability is our detailed and thorough knowledge of the issues, which allows us and our clients to make a valued contribution.

In that context we offer:


  • Insight into UK Government policies, and the interplay with Regional Government policies, for both reserved and devolved matters
  • Insight into the emerging debates at party level, in response to UK Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Government policies, and pre manifesto development
  • Access to expert witnesses across the spectrum
  • Pro-active engagement with the Parliamentary process, on a cross-party basis
  • Parliamentary Monitoring of proposed members legislation, government legislation and legislation in progress at Westminster, Holyrood, Stormont and the Welsh Assembly
  • Event & Committee Briefings
  • Public Affairs Coaching

Depending on the client, our research facility may require a number of services that allows us to keep a watching brief on Parliamentary activity that might have a bearing on our client’s interests

MJI has provided Parliamentary and Policy Briefings for clients with an interest in UK and Devolved Government Policy issues. In recent years MJI has focused on the Devolution and City Region agendas, with emphasis on the opportunities presented by the Digital Economy.