Research Services

MJI goes the extra mile in offering tailored research services to inform business development or corporate affairs activities. Recent examples range from CEO level interviews across a major City Region to inform development of a major skills partnership to a UK wide review of Professional Services £spending across all public sector to inform the three-year Development Plan for a leading Professional Services firm


Our Research Offering can be stand alone but is generally bundled within Stakeholder engagements.

Specifically we offer:


One-To-One Interviews


Focus Groups


Bespoke questionnaires for selective groups

Telephone and web based quantitative surveys

Secondary (desk) research

We specialise in the deployment of Research tools in the context of an approach which we term “Strategic Dialogue.” We have developed and refined this approach over many years to enable public, private and third sectors organisations to identify common ground.

We use discreet Research tools in advance of, for example, Dialogue Dinners, to frame the debate on key issues of the day. This may be ‘one to one’ interviews with senior stakeholders who will subsequently attend a Dialogue Event. It may also be telephone or web based interviews conducted across a wider group of stakeholders.